Dr. M. L. Agrawal

Our Pharmacy
50 millisimal scale

Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Aggarwal

The beginning

In Delhi, capital city of India, Agrawal Homoeo Clinic and Research Centre stands out prominently as a renowned homœopathic clinic established in 1969.  This clinic started functioning from a small corner of the residence of Dr. M. L. Agrawal, who dispensed homœopathic remedies free to the sick who approached him.  Over the years, the clinic underwent a dynamic transformation.  Now, this clinic is housed in a large area, with well spaced consultation chambers, pharmacy, waiting hall for patients, personal convenience, in addition to open area.  In addition to structural changes, other changes varied from the concepts of prescription to the methods of preparation and administration of medicines.


In the formative years, emphasis was on symptomatic treatment without much importance of case taking, and constitutional prescribing.  Then came the trend when mental symptoms were given importance, rather they were the most important basis of prescription.  The symptoms of mind were referred to in the repertories and the medicines were prescribed with minimum coverage of rest of the persona.  Remedies were administered mostly in the centesimal and occasionally in the decimal scale, following the principle of minimum dose and single remedy. With growing knowledge of principles of homœopathy, mainly through the study of various works of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, in the following years a more holistic approach in prescription was adopted, the success of which is reflected in better results.  With time, the skills were improvised so as to effectively covers the diseased individual holistically.

Our Pharmacy

Now and then new techniques and methods of administration of medicines being adopted.  A wide variety of medicines are stocked in various potencies so as to cater to a number of patients suffering from varies ailments. An important landmark in the evolution of the pharmacy has been the introduction of 50 millisimal scale.  Initially a few medicines were dispensed in this scale,  but as with time, its efficacy was proved more and more medicines were procured and dispensed in 50 millisimal scale. The clinic’s pharmacy is well equipped with all requirements for effectively dispensing and storage of medicines in 50 millisimal potency with most of medicines available in this scale.Medicines are procured from reliable sources in well sealed packs with quality assurance.

 Our Assets

In this span, of forty years with the passage of time, variety of developments, leading to adoption of improved methods for treatment of patient have taken place. Now it stands tall with well-experienced as well as budding and enthusiastic homoeopathic physicians, who update themselves with the latest technology supported by new researches in homoeopathic service.

The team of AHC comprises well-qualified doctors and pharmacists who work together with dedication and provide good quality of medical service to their patients. AHC is well-equipped with State-of-Art software and Computers to clear the appointments and maintain patient’s medical record.
The team of AHC works under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Aggarwal and has received appreciation from patients and recognition at national and international forums.
Our team members are also taught to practice quietude and tranquility which is essential for successful practice of homoeopathy.