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My Experience regarding medicine and treatment is very-very good and satisfactory. Some time I feel the medicine is working slow and also inreverse action too. But after some Patience it effects positive. Sometime I came to know, patient break treatment do not found response positive immediately. Again my feelings regarding treatment given by your side much satisfactory in long time. I feel it works good without side effects.

S. K .Parashar, Delhi

I would like to thank Dr Pankaj Aggarwal. Homoeopathy is slow and steady process but it is very help in uprooting the disease from its root. It is the only method that suits many of human beings. I am very happy to be treated by Dr. Pankaj by his skills and wisdom. I will continue homoeopathy as a treatment of choice for rest of my life.

Mrs. Sushma Mathur, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

It was sometime in the year 2000 when I visited the Agrawal homoeo clinic run by Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal in condition with Acute Sinusitis. I was given treatment which relieved my problem with marked improvement in my health without any operation though allopathy doctor earlier suggested operation with no guarantee for further sinus problem. Though it took me about 1 year to come to my normal health. Also the method used in this clinic is very different from other clinics and is very effective method. Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal is my family physician since year 2000 and I have never gone for allopathic treatment after 2000. God Bless Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal for his blessed knowledge of homoeopathy.

Kamla Bajaj, Delhi

It had been a nice experience for me. When I started my treatment, my condition was very critical. Nobody knew what the reason behind it was. I believe in homoeopathy so, I started and consulted properly. Initially the medicine effected slowly. There was numerous and senselessness in my legs. After taking the medicine I walk slowly-slowly but I continued my medicine and consultation. After one and half year work positively for me. Now I am very well. Thanks for treating me patiently to the doctor and his team.

Mrs. Barkha Sharma, Vasudhara, Ghaziabad

It was sudden that I got address of Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal. From last 3 months I am taking his treatment. My leg was fractured and I was having pain in same. I use to take painkiller on daily basis. But after getting in contact with Dr. Pankaj and by his treatment I am better. Now there is no need to take painkiller and I can work normally in my day to day activities. And I also brought my younger daughter also for treatment. Thank you Dr.

Mrs. Ranjana Bhatti

It has been a good experience and also the medicine have been effective. I have feeling good and lastly like to thank u Dr. Pankaj.

Mr. Ajay Kumar

I had a problem of infertility. I am not be able to conceive. After getting treatment from Agrawal homoeo clinic I am having a baby girl. I am really thankful to Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal and his team for such blessings.

Mrs. Mamta, Delhi

I am totally satisfied with homoeopathy treatment. There has been great improvement. I am under treatment and will continue the same till my problem will resolved.

Vaishali Gupta,Delhi

I have very positive view about homoeopathy.I have some health related issues since my childhood which was treated with homoeopathy and since 30 or 35 yr I am taking homoeopathy from Dr. Pankaj only. After that my son had some kidney trouble for which I have seek treatment in every single hospital such as AIMS but and I returned from there empty handed. They suggested no treatment and operation for the same when the boy is of 20 yrs or so. But the grace of God, Dr Pankaj and homoeopathy save my son’s life. He is all fine till now.

Mr Rajeev Garg, Gurgaon

“Reference to Dr. Pankaj given by one of my cousin as she used to the internship under him and basis of her strong feedback I decided to consult. The initial session was interesting one as I have to reply those astonishing questions- ‘per say’ required to understand the physical/emotional values of any new patient. With excellent first impression, I decided to go along with treatment for my diabetes and other early age problems. I saw the impact coming up in few weeks’ time and that kept on accelerated. Now, with my recent experience, I would like not only call him merely a best homeopathic doctor in India but also a ‘Magician’ who does all the magic with white small pills along with some unique medication techniques. Thank you so much Dr. Pankaj once again!!”

Mr. Priyank, Gurgaon