Having diagnosed with Grade 3

Having diagnosed with Grade 3 Soft tissue sarcoma (Cancer) in the left shoulder, I went through immediate surgery followed by Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy. Even after all this the disease had spread to my lungs and I had to again go for lung surgery, Radiation & Chemo. Finding no relief in Allopathic approach of Cut, Burn & Poison, I started looking for alternate therapies. This is when I came to know Dr.Pankaj from someone, whose father who was suffering from Cancer was cured by him.

In the first few sessions, Dr. Pankaj and his team asked various question about my likes/dislikes, about all the major events that happened since my childhood from both my parents and me. I realized they were trying to understand my mental, emotional & physical pattern to investigate the trigger point of the disease.

On his visits, He would catch each word and ask me the real feeling behind every word that I spoke. He often told me that the only medicine for such disease is “Happiness” and stressed on being patient & be regular in my follow-ups. Dr. Pankaj made me understand the philosophy of Homeopathic treatment and explained me their approach.
I then became more observant of my health, the effect of the medicine on my body and mind. And would freely call them whenever i wanted to discuss something. It’s been 2 years now since I started the treatment and now for the past 10 months I am disease free and all my PT scans are clear. My energy & stamina which was drained because of high doses of chemo is now better and I have re-joined office.

I actually cannot express my sincere gratitude & thankfulness to Dr. Pankaj, who now I realize were not treating the disease, but ME, from my CORE. I admire their dedication & truthfulness to their profession & would remain ever grateful to him for giving me a new Life 🙂