I know Dr.Pankaj Aggarwal way

I know Dr.Pankaj Aggarwal way back for almost nineteen years now. Am a very big fan of his.. His medicine and councelling works wonders for me and my family…
I had a very big ovarian cyst, which was extremely painful, was advised for a surgery by my Gynecologist, went to Dr. pankaj with my ultrasound reports.. started his medication, the cyst started becoming smaller and smaller and in a months time, it wasn’t there anymore. My Gyneac, could not believe it.. and i was so proud of my Homeopath.
Best part about my Doctor is that each and every patient is very important for him. He is very compassionate, caring and confident… doesn’t lose his cool and really boosts your morale.His medicine works where all allopathic medicines fail… i could just go on and on..
I wish all the best for our very best,, respected Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal and may he stays blessed forever 👍